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Wedding Cakes Are Changing

Wedding Cakes Are Changing…

wedding cakes are changing the days of traditional wedding cakes are limitedIn today’s modern world, Wedding Cakes Are Changing at a rapid rate, and as a business, we need to be changing too and increasing our knowledge of what couples are requiring for their wedding day.

It seems that most of the wedding cakes today are unconventional, by this I mean it is almost unconventional to have the traditional white wedding cake. This does not take away from the pure and simple beauty that a perfect white traditional wedding cake can bring, I believe it just means that couples are daring to be different and are willing to break the mould and they know exactly what they want.

Not So Long Ago…

It would be fair to say that not so long ago, most couples would be wanting round 3 tier wedding cake covered with white fondant and some red or pink sugar flowers to add that bit of colour. This style is still very traditional 3 tier wedding cake are still very popularpopular, but even with this style of cake you can dare to be different and do away with your more traditional fruit cake filling and mix and match with 3 different flavours for each tier.

The design of your wedding cake is a very personal thing and no two cakes are ever the same with small and subtle changes to make cakes unique for the engaged couple. Topsy Turvy cakes are popular with the illusion that the cake could fall over at any second, but in fact, the whole cake is perfectly balanced and stable.

While the 3 tier wedding cake is still the most popular, the texture as changed, from a smooth white fondant finish to the more rustic look such as this timber themed wedding cake we made for a young couples rustic wedding held out in the country.

Semi Naked Wedding Cakes…

Semi Naked wedding cakes are now also very popular for rustic weddings as they give the feeling of being close to nature without all the trimmings, most are displayed on a solid timber cake stand to create an even more natural look with many being decorated with fresh local flowers.

Yes, it would be fair to say that times have changed and as wedding cake designers we have needed to change as well to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the type of wedding cakes our clients are seeking.

Imagination Is Your Only Limit…

you are only limited by your imagination with today's wedding cakes


The beauty of today’s wedding cakes is that you are only limited by your imagination, anything is acceptable these days and personally, I think it’s wonderful that the couples are able to express themselves in a way that only they can, it is my job then as your designer to make their dreams come true.

At Rimma’s Wedding Cakes we are able to create your dream wedding cake and please feel free to view our gallery here for inspiration, any of our cakes can be mixed and match or we can design your perfect cake with our wedding cake design software.

Free Consultation & Tastings…

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